Penarth Ministry Area

This website covers the churches of  

St Augustine’s, Penarth

Holy Nativity, Penarth
St Dochdwy’s, Llandough

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2014 - discussions began with All Saints. Penarth about the formation of a Ministry Area. We began working on collaborative projects, such as joint Palm Sunday services, moving on with monthly pulpit swaps and a shared Youth Worker. Clergy have joint Morning and Evening prayer.

July 2019- we officially became a Ministry Area, but remained as two separate parishes working together.

September 2020 - it was announced at the Diocesan Conference that we should work towards a full merger with All Saints to become Penarth Ministry Area by the end of 2021.

November 2020 - work began on the outline structure and setting up a Transitional Leadership Group. There is a lot to do to merge finances, administration, management of buildings etc. The work is made harder by the current pandemic situation and the vacant post of vicar at All Saints. We hope this will be filled soon with someone with the vision to move forward with the merger and bring a ‘can do’ attitude to following where God leads.

December 2020 - happily an appointment has been made for the post of Vicar at All Saints - the Rev Jimmy Young who will start work in March 2021.

Feb 2021 - First meeting of the Ministry Area Planning Group held. Merger date decided as 1 Jan 2022

Lists drawn up of financial tasks to be done.

Rev Jimmy Young will be licensed on 6 March 2021 by Zoom.

Mar 2021 - Further meeting of the Planning Group - now to be called the Ministry Area Transition Team or MATT.  Work will begin on allocating tasks to individuals or groups to work on.

Apr 2021 - members for the Ministry Area Council were elected at the Annual Vestry Meetings.

June, July, Sept 2021 - progress meetings to see how things are going.

 Sept 2021 - governance for local churches discussed and agreed. Draft decree received.

Nov 2021 - Decree agreed. Steady progress being made towards merger of financial systems and administration. New Ministry Area Electoral Roll being compiled.

January 2022 - the Penarth Ministry Area is established from 1st January. A Technical AVM held on 16th January to confirm trustees and receive new Electoral Roll.